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What We Make

These items are available at all four locations daily, first come first served.  No pre-order required.

Scoops & Pints
We offer 3 sizes of scoops in store: 
Kiddie (4oz),  
Regular (6oz) ,
Large (10oz).

                     Choose 1-2 flavours
in any size.
Any size, served in
any cone, or a  cup.

               Freshly made-in-store Waffle    Cones available for an extra cost.
Take Home Pints (16oz)

One flavour per pint  

Buy 9 pints and get your  10th one free!
Ice Cream
Two homemade cookies with a generous scoop of ice cream sandwiched between.

Each location makes their own rotating selection of sandwiches.

The ultimate summer treat.

1-2 servings
Ice Cream Pies
A graham cracker, honey & butter crust filled with ice cream.

Rotating flavours available,
first come first served.

The perfect casual dessert
for a small gathering. 

6-8 servings

Belgian Chocolate
Ed's Giant Tortoises: homemade caramel drizzled onto a bed of pecans and dipped in milk or dark chocolate.
Handmade in store with Callebaut Chocolate.

Chocolate Bark: rotating selection of seasonal and year 'round flavours.


Dipped Oreos: Cookies dipped in Belgian chocolate.


&holiday specials in the autumn/winter

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