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Q: What are your current COVID19 practices?

A: Updated August 10 2021

All of our stores are operating for takeout only this summer.

We are so excited for the re-opening of this amazing city, and to see our colleagues in the restaurant industry being able to operate again is fantastic.

With our current set up we have decided it's best to continue operating on a takeout only basis for the next few months. Many factors have gone into this decision and we appreciate everybody's patience and understanding in the meantime. 

All of our staff members are required to wear a mask for the entirety of their shift, and we continue our diligent cleaning practices to ensure a safe environment for everybody. We kindly ask that all customers continue to wear their masks while ordering and interacting with staff. 

Q: Are any of your products allergy safe?

A: We cannot guarantee that any of our products are 100% allergy safe. Everything is made on site at each location, and all of our kitchens use products that include common allergens (nuts, soy, eggs*, gluten, dairy).

Behind the counter, cross contamination may also happen during service.


On request, our Scoopers will grab an unused utensil to serve a customer with allergies. This will slightly lower the risk of cross contamination, but does not eliminate it. We leave it up to the customer to consider the severity of their allergies and their comfort level with our practices. 

*the standard base of our ice creams, gelatos, sorbets and yogurts is cream/milk and does not include eggs, however certain flavours do include eggs.

Q: Are any of your products Kosher?

A: We are not Kosher certified, we do make all of our products in the same kitchen with the same utensils. 

Q: What is the difference between ice cream/gelato/sorbet/yogurt?

A: Here's a quick breakdown of our bases:

Ice Cream is 75% cream and 25% milk

Gelato is 75% milk and 25% cream

Sorbet is water based with 100% fruit purees

Yogurt (hard scoop) is a mix of yogurt, fruit, milk and cream. 

Q: What flavours do you have? Do you make the gelato there too?

A: Our recipe books contain over 200 fantastic ice cream, gelato, sorbet and yogurt recipes. All of our delectable treats are made in store, each location has their own production team and flavour rotation. 


To see a list of our standard flavours, please Click Here

Q: Are your containers compostable?

A: Yes! Both our take home pint containers/lids and the cups we use in store are compostable by City of Toronto standards and can be put in your green bin at home. All stores also offer wooden spoons and paper straws. 

Q: Do you make ice cream cakes? How do I order?

A: Yes! For information about our ice cream cakes please Click Here

Q: Can I pre-order items? Are there deals on large orders?

A: Most of our treats are first come, first served in store. 

Small orders of our Takeout Menu are available most days without pre order.


Cake orders require a minimum of 48 hours notice. For more details Click Here  

Take Home Pints are buy 9 get the 10th one free.

For orders over 9+ pints, we appreciate 24hrs notice to hand pack the tubs.

Gift Cards
Q: Do you sell gift cards? Can I purchase them online?

A: We do sell gift certificates in store. They are handwritten and can be purchased in values of $5-$50, or menu items such as a "Regular Scoop" gift certificate.

We do not process any sales online, you can make a purchase with a credit card over the phone, or come by the store in person. 

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