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Ed's Real Points:
Leslieville pilot project

Thank you for your interest in our new loyalty program project. Please see below for more detailed information about the program. Feel free to email us at if you have any follow up questions!

How to join:

1. Follow the link to sign up for the TouchBistro Dine web app

2. Scan your QR code at checkout and earn points for every dollar you spend

3. Redeem points anytime for free scoops and discounts

Additional Information:

How do I earn points?

Scan your QR code at checkout.

With our Summer Promo; you'll receive 5 points for every $1. This includes the purchase of pints, cakes, pies. This includes the purchase of pints, cakes, pies, ice cream sandwiches, scoops, hot drinks, chocolate. Basically everything! No points are earned with the purchase of gift certificates.

How do I redeem points?

Staff can see your account when you scan your QR code at checkout. Ask your server to check for any available rewards. Or you can pull up the QR code. In any case, your current points and available redemptions can always be found in the Eds Real Points Web App.

Can I use it at all the locations?


Eds Real Points is exclusive to the Leslieville location at this time. Points can only be earned and redeemed at Leslieville.

Are Pints Cards going to be discontinued?


Pint cards will continue to be in full effect through Summer 2023. There are no plans to change that program.

Can I transfer pint stamps to my loyalty account? Or get points for a previous purchase?


The two programs are completely seperate.

Can I scan my loyalty code and get stamps for the pints that I buy?


We cannot convert pint stamps into points or retroactively add points from a previous purchase.

If you don't have your phone to access your QR code, we can search you by phone number!


Connect with us!

(416) 406-2525

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