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The difference between ice cream and gelato is simple. Ice cream is made with a blend of milk and cream that has more fat content, and gelato has much less fat but a little more sugar.


Our ice cream is made with a blend of milk and cream making it rich, creamy, and dense. Our gelato is made with a blend of mostly milk and some cream making it lighter than ice cream.


We use wholesome Ontario milk and cream and mix in premium fruit purees, nut paste and other natural ingredients. We churn our ice cream, gelato and sorbet at the same low speed. This results in a very dense, creamy texture with less air than commercial brands. The taste and texture are immediately noticeable when a spoonful hits your tongue. Your taste buds will recognize the premium product difference.

We have created over150 different premium recipes so you will see the selection in each store change almost every day.

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